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Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

  1. 1. Healing Properties
  2. 2. Disease / Symptom Treatment
    1. 2.1. Dementia

Lemon Balm also known as Melissa officinalis L.

Healing Properties

Disease / Symptom Treatment


Treatment with essential oil of M. officinalis in patients suffering from severe dementia was found to be effective and safe.[1]

  • Treatment demonstrated an overall improvement in the incidence of agitation.

  1. Title: Pharmacotherapeutic Potential of Natural Products in Neurological Disorders
    Author(s): Amritpal Singh SaroyaJaswinder Singh
    Institution(s): Herbal Consultant Mohali India; Department of Pharmacology Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Science Amritsar India
    Publication: Springer Nature Singapore
    Date: 20 June 2018
    Introduction: Natural Products have always played a pivotal role as sources for drug lead compounds. This book is aimed at providing inside purview of the scope of natural products (including herbal and marine) in the possible treatment of neurological disorders. The book explains pre-clinical neuropharmacological investigations done on herbs including Bacopa monnieri, Hypericum perforatum, Passiflora incarnata, Scutellaria baicalensis and Piper methysticum. It provides a comprehensive overview of the role of phytoconstituents like huperzine, curcumin, Salvinorin A, bioflavonoids, sulforaphane, tanshinone IIA, tetramethylpyrazine, tetrahydrocannabinol, and cannabidiol in the treatment of neurological disorders. The book provides a modern concept of herbal medications, neuropharmacology of marine bioactive products and Ayurvedic formulations, herbal drugs with abuse potential and neurotoxic mycotoxins.
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